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Electric Jar Opener for Weak Hands,Automatic Jar Opener for Seniors with Arthritis,Kitchen Gadget Hands Free Lid Opener with Less Effort to Open(Red)

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Convenient to use:Our electric jar opener is easy to operate,it has a super friction to open the lid.Place it  on the lid,press the button lightly and then it began to work,just press it once more to turn it off.

Good helper: It can open the jar which is from 1.2inch-3.5inch automatically. It’s a great kitchen tool for cooks,seniors,women,people with arthritis,etc,help a lot of people solve the trouble of opening lids.

Safety design: Our electric jar opener is soft silicone design,the edge is smooth and there is no risk of injury,you can use it safely.

Easy to clean:Just wipe the surface of the product with a damp cloth,but don’t rinse the battery compartment.

Low power consumption: This product uses less electricity, 2 x AA batteries make it work well.(battery not included) It size(6.8inX2.5inX4.3in)is not big,easy to store and carry out.


How to use:

Place the jar that needs to be opened flat on the table

Put the opener on the jar and click the button,it adjust itself to make it self snug against the jar wall.

Press the button 3 seconds the opener will twist the cap off the jar automatically.If it doesn’t open right away just wait a few wait a few more seconds and it will do it.

The jar is opened and opener reverts back for you to remove it.


Warming tips:Opener doesn't work on are those made from thinner plastic,sometimes it will squeeze the jar too hard while trying to unscrew,it will damage the bottle.


An unexpected gift:This is a quite warm gift,it’s a life saver for someone who has severe hand weakness,arthritis,seniors,etc.When opening a particularly stubborn jar, the opener met its match and the jar lid won.




  1. For cone-shaped cans, place the jar opener on the top of the can and make sure that the inner and outer arm of the can opener will not slide before starting
  2. Note that it doesn't work on plastic lids, so won't open a mayonnaise jar for instance
  3. If your bottle cap is slippery,It is important to wipe the jar dry before you start or the Opener will just keep spinning the jar around without opening the lid


a.The most amazing kitchen gadgets

b.Suitable for any jars or bottles that are difficult to open (Do not use with plastic jars. The jar opener is only suitable for jars with screw caps.)

c.Just put the electric can opener on the can, press the button, and the can will open in a few seconds

d.You don't even have to hold the jar opener-it rotates automatically

e.Does not take a lot of space,conveniently stored in the drawer


Recommend this for anyone who has trouble opening jars due to fibromyalgia, arthritis, or anything else that makes it hard for someone to open a jar

Easy to open lids from 1.2inch-3.5inch

Suitable for people suffering from arthritis or hand pain, the elderly and cooks


How to use

1.Place the jar on a flat table

2.Just place the jar opener on a jar and it magnetically attaches

3.push the button 3 second,start up.Then watch the machine turn the lid and pop the top

4.The can opener automatically returns to its position and the work is completed

This would make a great gift, too!

You can buy it as a gift for a friend.

This is easy to use and dispenses with all the effort needed to open tight jars. Seems well built and durable.

I highly recommend this for anyone who has trouble opening jars of any type, is a real life saver!


The package includes:

1 x Automatic Jar Opener (needs 2x AA batteries)

Size of Product: 6.8inX2.5inX4.3in

Weight of unit product:389G

White box packaging